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SmartAfro is deeply committed to safeguarding your privacy. This policy elucidates how we collect, utilize, and provide access to customer information. Should you have inquiries regarding your personal data, kindly reach us at [email protected] or call us at 087 3 5151 16.

Derivation of Policy:

The privacy policy outlined on Smartafro's website and mobile apps, referred to as the Platform, stems from Afro Zone Technologies (Pty) Ltd.'s internal policy. This policy dictates how requests, utilizes, shares, and securely disposes of both User and Registered User information. Compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013, ensures the adequate protection of collected personal information.


By accepting our terms and conditions on the Smartafro Platforms, you explicitly agree:

  • To be of legal age and competence for transactions on this Platform.
  • To abide by's Rules and Regulations detailed in the Terms and Conditions.
  • To permit Smartafro to contact you for promotions, sales, verification, and order confirmations.
  • That all information provided is accurate, releasing from obligations arising due to misrepresented facts.
  • If under 18, Smartafro cannot transact unless parental consent is obtained and verified.

Collected Information:

Smartafro holds information on Registered Users and Subscribers, including names, emails, social media accounts, addresses, gender, contact details, online identifiers, date of birth, and identification numbers. This information assists in identification, creating user accounts, and establishing legal agreements.

Use of Information:

This information is utilized for Customer Relation Management, creating client profiles, notifying users of changes, promotions, product interests, feedback solicitation, legal compliance, and statistical research, ensuring personalized user experiences.

User Tracking and Cookies:

By accessing Smartafro Platforms, you consent to the collection and retention of personal information as per the POPI Act. Cookies may be utilized for statistical and marketing purposes.

Opt-Out and Rights Protection:

As per the POPI Act, you have the right to opt-out of direct marketing, request your personal information's return, restrict information sharing, and obtain details regarding personal information protection.


Processing Personal Information:

Your information is processed by Smartafro employees and may be further processed by authorized service providers for order fulfillment, returns, and enhancing user experiences. However, providers are strictly prohibited from unauthorized use of personal information.

Sharing Personal Information Outside South Africa:

We pledge not to share, sell, or publish your personal information without consent. Any transfer of information outside South Africa's borders adheres to the POPI Act's regulations.

Securing Personal Information:

We employ outsourced partners to manage our information systems and employ robust security measures like firewalls to protect against various online threats.

Lodging Complaints:

Should you wish to lodge a complaint about with the Information Regulator of South Africa, please visit the official website for defined processes: